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Recommended Quests For All OSRS Players

Oct 14

When you log into Runescape these days, it's easy to be overwhelmed with new things. There are so many quests that a player can do and each one provides something different for your character. One of the most important aspects in starting out is to find other ways besides leveling up which will benefit your account as much or more than levels would provide- without having those levels come at an expense later on down the line from being stuck doing low leveled tasks while everyone else has moved onto better in-game content.

Fortunately, there are Old School RuneScape Quests that'll help elevate your skills, like these ones.

Rum Deal Quest

The Rum Deal Quest is one of my favorites and it offers something unique; the Holy Wrench. With this boost, your Prayer potion effectiveness increases by 2% which can help you in your quest in getting more OSRS gold by defeating high-tier bosses. The great thing about the quest though is that if you combine a Holy wench with Ring of Gods at Nightmare Zone, then you get to keep all your prayer potions in the bank without having to carry around an extra item.

Plague City Quest

The Plague City Quest is a very important quest in the game of Runescape. It gives you access to Ardougne, which has many shops and quests that are useful for any player's progress through the game. Whether it be using teleport tablets or runes, this city is always going to be one player who needs easy access.

Dwarf Cannon Quest

The Dwarf Cannon Quest is a must for any Runescape player who wants to slay. If you're not interested in the slaying, this quest isn't the best place to start. It's better suited for players who are already experienced with combat and want more of an adventure when they play,

Druidic Ritual Quest

The Druidic Ritual Quest is required to start the Herblore skill in Old School Runescape. The quest offers a wide variety of rewards, including many items that can be used for other skills like farming and woodcutting as well!

Dream Mentor Quest

If you’ve ever wanted to become a master magician, now is your chance! The Dream Mentor Quest will give players full access to the Lunar Spellbook. This means that only by completing this quest and doing some of its side-quests can you get Plankmake which grants Magic XP at an alarming rate (200k XP/hour). Not enough? Don't worry; it also gives 800 000 - 1 million GP per hour for those who are looking for money instead.