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How does a tailor make a pant waist bigger?

Oct 19

Many people would think the waist of a pair of pants cannot be made bigger because it is simply sewn together. There are some ways on how to make a pants' waist bigger without having to buy another pair of pants. One way is by using either elastic or cord inside the waistband of pants. This can make jeans or slacks bigger without having to buy another pair of pants. Here are the steps on how to do it correctly:

First, measure cord or scrap elastic that is appropriate for your pant waist size. Then, sew the cord/elastic inside the waistband of your pants. Finally, gently pull out the stitches and cut off any loose ends. You can now wear your pants with a bigger waist.

How long does it take a tailor to make a pant wait bigger?

It takes a tailor around 30 minutes to an hour to make a pair of pants' waist bigger. If you want the process done faster, you can pay more money for the service. Of course, it is recommended that you bring your pants. Some tailors will not accept this type of request because they only do alterations on clothes brought