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Geyre's Glory: Time Travel to Turkey's Aphrodisian Wonder

Jan 2

Background information on Turkey's Aphrodisian Wonder

Aphrodisias, known as the city of Love, is a historical site in southern Turkey. This ancient city is famous for its magnificent temple of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and its beautiful sculptures portraying love and desire. Aphrodisias was established during the Hellenistic period and was recognized as an important cultural centre in the Roman era. The city was abandoned in the late 13th century and remained unknown until the 20th century.

Purpose of the blog post

The purpose of this blog post is to highlight the beauty and significance of Aphrodisias. This post will provide an overview of the city's history, as well as why it is considered one of the most important ancient sites of Turkey. Additionally, this post will compare Aphrodisias with other ancient sites in Turkey and showcase why it stands out as a unique and special destination for history lovers. Finally, this post will give some practical information for visitors who plan to visit Aphrodisias, such as how to get there, where to stay, and what to expect when exploring this magical city.


History of Aphrodisias

Overview of the ancient city's history

Aphrodisias is a historical site in the southwest part of Turkey established during the Hellenistic period. The ancient city was famous for its temple of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and beautiful love-themed sculptures. During the Roman era, Aphrodisias became an important cultural centre and was recognized for its well-known sculptors. The city was abandoned in the late 13th century and remained unknown until the 20th century.

Significance of Aphrodisias in Turkish heritage

Aphrodisias is one of Turkey's most important ancient sites due to its historical, cultural, and archaeological significance. The city was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2017, drawing more tourists worldwide. Compared to other ancient sites in Turkey, such as Ephesus and Troy, Aphrodisias stands unique due to its well-preserved sculptures and historical heritage. Additionally, Aphrodisias is the only ancient site in Turkey dedicated solely to the goddess of love, making it a cultural gem for those seeking to explore the country's heritage.

If you plan to visit Aphrodisias, it is essential to consider several factors. You can reach Aphrodisias by taking a bus from Istanbul or Izmir or by hiring a car. You can stay leisurely at one of the nearby hotels or homestays to explore the ancient city. Expect to spend at least one full day in Aphrodisias as there is plenty to see and discover in the city.


Geyre's Glory Tour

Details about the Geyre's Glory Tour

As you plan your visit to Turkey, consider taking the Geyre's Glory tour to explore the ancient city of Aphrodisias. This tour covers all the city's highlights, including its rich history, culture, and archaeology. The tour takes about a day, giving you ample time to see all the significant sites.

Your tour guide will meet you at the designated pickup point and give you a brief introduction to Aphrodisias. The tour covers the ancient city's well-known landmarks, such as the temple of Aphrodite, the stadium, the theatre, the agora, and the museum. You will see the beautifully preserved sculptures, including the famous Aphrodite statue, the museum's centrepiece.

Inclusions and exclusions of the tour package

The Geyre's Glory tour includes hotel pickup and drop-off, a licensed expert tour guide, all entry fees, and lunch. However, the tour package excludes personal expenses and gratuities.

To make the most of your day tour, dress appropriately for the weather, carry a hat, and use sunscreen. Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking on the uneven terrain of the ancient city.

Aphrodisias is a unique ancient city with historical and cultural treasures worth discovering. The Geyre's Glory Tour is the perfect way to explore the city's wonders in a hassle-free and rewarding way. Book your tour today and get ready for a memorable experience.


Amateur Archaeology at Aphrodisias

Opportunities for amateur archaeologists at Aphrodisias

While the Geyre's Glory Tour of Aphrodisias offers a comprehensive view of the ancient city, you may want a more hands-on experience exploring the archaeological site.

Aphrodisias offers tourists a unique opportunity to participate in archaeological digs and other related activities. You can volunteer to work alongside professional archaeologists and learn more about the city's history. The opportunity to handle ancient artefacts and experience the thrill of discovery is an exhilarating experience.

Types of activities and tools for excavation

The interactive program includes excavation works, creating photographic records, and matching discovered items with archaeological records. You'll also learn to use excavation tools like trowels, brushes, and shovels. As well as participating in the actual excavations, you can learn about the sorting and cleaning process and how artefacts are preserved.

If you want to participate in amateur Archaeology in Aphrodisias, try registering for “Aphrodisias Excavation Project”. The project conducts regular excavation activities, and you can sign up for a single day or a full week of archaeology alongside professional Archaeologists.

If you have an adventurous spirit and a love for archaeology, delve deeper into the history of Aphrodisias by participating in the excavation opportunities offered by the Aphrodisias Excavation Project.


Aphrodisian Heritage Museum

Overview of the Aphrodisian Heritage Museum

If you're looking for an opportunity to explore the rich culture of Aphrodisias, a trip to the Aphrodisian Heritage Museum is a must-see. The museum is home to an extensive collection of artefacts and exhibits that showcase the city's history and heritage.

Located in the centre of the ancient city, the Aphrodisian Heritage Museum is easily accessible to tourists. The museum offers a captivating experience that gives visitors an insight into the city's past.

Notable artifacts and exhibits

The museum's impressive collection includes artefacts such as ancient sculptures, pottery, coins, and jewellery. The most famous exhibit is the Aphrodisias Tetrapylon, a group of four monumental arches dating back to the 2nd century AD.

Other notable exhibits include the monumental gateway and the frieze of Lysimachia. The frieze vividly depicts the city's mythological past, featuring scenes of battle and hunting.

A trip to the Aphrodisian Heritage Museum is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Aphrodisias' rich history and culture. The museum's extensive collection of artefacts and exhibits provides an immersive experience that will captivate visitors. Be sure to add it to your itinerary for an unforgettable journey.


Aphrodisias Stadium

Historical background of Aphrodisias Stadium

The Aphrodisias Stadium is located in the ancient city of Aphrodisias and is one of the most significant structures remaining from its time. The stadium was built in the 2nd century AD and had a seating capacity 30,000. The stadium was used for athletic contests, including running, jumping, and throwing.

The stadium was designed in a horseshoe shape, and the seating area was divided into two sections, one for men and the other for women. The stadium was also used for gladiator games and chariot races.

The current state of the stadium and possible renovations

Today, the stadium is in ruins, with much of it destroyed by earthquakes and erosion over the centuries. However, efforts are being made to restore and preserve the stadium, including excavating the site and stabilising the surviving walls and arches.

There is also a plan to construct a new roof supported by modern pillars to protect further and conserve the site. The renovation project aims to provide visitors with a better understanding of what the stadium looked like in ancient times and allow for more extensive usage for cultural events.

Visiting the Aphrodisias Stadium is a unique opportunity to see a historical landmark that was crucial to the ancient city's culture. The ongoing renovation aims to strengthen the site's cultural significance and create an unforgettable experience for visitors to learn about the past.


The Temple of Aphrodite

History and significance of the Temple of Aphrodite

The Temple of Aphrodite is another significant structure in the ancient city of Aphrodisias. Built in the 1st century AD, the temple was dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite, considered the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. The temple was the centre of the city's religious life and drew many pilgrims, making it an important economic hub.

The temple was designed and built following the Greek architectural style with a Corinthian-style facade featuring thirteen tall columns. The temple's central shrine housed an impressive statue of the goddess Aphrodite, considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The current state of the temple and ongoing preservation efforts

Today, the temple is in ruins, with only a few columns and the foundation remaining. The temple's destruction was mostly due to earthquakes and looting over the centuries. However, the Turkish government is currently working to preserve and stabilize the temple's remnants by limiting access to the site and restoring the surviving columns.

The restoration efforts include rebuilding some parts of the temple using fragments from the original structure. It is hoped that the continuous preservation efforts will restore some parts of the temple, allowing visitors to experience the temple's grandeur as it was in ancient times.

Understanding the history and significance of the Temple of Aphrodite in the ancient city of Aphrodisias provides visitors with an unforgettable experience. The ongoing preservation attempts are working to maintain the temple's cultural value and protect it for future generations.


Surrounding Natural Attractions

Notable natural attractions near Aphrodisias

Apart from the ancient structures in the city, the natural beauty surrounding Aphrodisias is worth exploring. The region is home to many notable natural attractions, including:

  • Karacasu Waterfall: A magnificent site located around 30 kilometres away from Aphrodisias. The waterfall cascades down from a height of 30 meters and is surrounded by stunning natural scenery.

  • Bafa Lake: Located around 80 kilometres southwest of Aphrodisias, Bafa Lake is another popular attraction for nature lovers. The lake is a natural paradise, surrounded by serene landscapes and home to diverse flora and fauna.

  • Mount Babadag: This majestic mountain peak towers over the city of Aphrodisias from the north. The mountain is a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts and offers a challenging climb with breathtaking views of the surrounding region.

How to explore and appreciate the natural beauty

Exploring the natural beauty around Aphrodisias is a must-do for nature lovers. One of the best ways to appreciate the stunning natural attractions is by taking a guided tour. Local tour operators organize trips to popular sites, including Karacasu Waterfall, Bafa Lake, and Mount Babadag.

For visitors who prefer to explore independently, renting a car is a great option. The roads are well-maintained and offer scenic routes through the natural landscapes. Biking and hiking trails are also available for visitors who want to immerse themselves in the region's natural beauty.

Aphrodisias's surrounding region boasts many natural wonders, complementing the city's rich history and cultural significance. Visitors can take advantage of the many options available to explore, appreciate and enjoy the region's stunning natural beauty.