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What's The Darkest Legal Tint In Illinois?

Jul 14

If you're considering tinting windows in Elgin, IL, you might be wondering which kinds of window films are legally acceptable. The laws regarding window tinting can be difficult to understand so it's essential to ensure you pick an option that falls within the legal limit.

In this article, we'll examine the laws regarding window tinting in Elgin, IL, and give you an overview of the kinds of window film allowed.

What exactly is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is the practice of applying a thin layer to the glass of the car window. The film will reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the vehicle and makes it cooler during summer. The film can be used to provide privacy and security, making it hard for other people to view inside the car.

There are a variety of window tints and each has their own advantages. Window tints are not all legal in Elgin.

Window Tinting Laws in Elgin, IL

Window tinting in Elgin is covered by the Illinois Vehicle Code. According to the code three requirements that must be met in order for window tints to be considered legal:

  • The film's light transmittance should not exceed 35%
  • The reflectance of the film should not exceed 20 percent.
  • The film must not be mirror-like.
  • Window tint that doesn't comply with these requirements is deemed to be illegal.

Window Tints are legal in Elgin, IL

There are various kinds of window tints that are legal within Elgin, IL. There are several types of tints, including:

Dye Window Tint This tint is created by adding the color of a dye. It absorbs sunlight which makes it darker than most other tint types. Window tint dyed with dye is available in a variety of darkness levels, which means you can pick one that is suitable for your needs.

Metalized Window Tint:This kind of tint is made by applying an extremely thin layer of metal on the film. Metal absorbs sunlight, making it darker than other types. Metalized window tint is available in a variety of darkness levels, so you are able to pick one that is suitable for your requirements.

Hybrid window tintThis tint is a mixture of metalized and dyed tint. The combination of window tints comes with a variety of advantages, making it an attractive option for many.

What To Find In A Window Tint:

There are some things to consider when searching for tints for your windows. First, ensure that the tint you choose is legally permitted in your state. Then, select the tint that best meets your requirements in terms of reflection and darkness. For the best performance, ensure the tint is installed correctly

Which Window Tinting Option is Right For You? :

The kind of window tinting best for you will depend on your personal preferences and requirements. If you want maximum darkness, choose an aluminum or ceramic tint. If you're seeking something more reflective, opt for the hybrid window tint. And if you want something that's simple to install choose the dyed tint.

Whatever kind of window tinting that you decide to use, make sure to have it installed by a professional to ensure the highest quality results.


No matter which kind of tint for your windows you decide to use, make sure to comply with the laws of your particular state. Incorrectly tinted windows could cause a traffic ticket and other penalties. Cutting Edge Window Tinting can help you select the appropriate window film to meet your needs and then install it correctly so you can avoid any legal issues. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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