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What Are Ridge Vents? Riverfront Roofing

Jul 9

If you're like most homeowners you are always looking for ways you can improve your home. Ridge vents can be a great way to achieve this. Ridge vents not only improve the ventilation of your home but can also reduce your energy consumption.

We'll be covering how to install ridgevents properly and how you can get the most from them. We'll also offer some helpful tips to help you choose the right type of ridge vents.

What Are Ridge Vents, You Ask?

Ridge vents can be used to ventilate your attic by removing hot air and moisture. They are installed on the peak of your roof. They can be manual, or automatic.

Ridge Vents

Installing ridge vents offers many benefits. These benefits include:

Improved ventilation: A major benefit of ridge-vents is the increased airflow. In order to cool your home in the summer, remove any moisture or hot air from your attic. You won't need to rely as heavily on your air conditioner, which can lead to lower energy bills.

Lower Energy Costs As mentioned above, ridge vents offer a number of benefits. The cool attic won't mean you have to use your air conditioner as much. This can save you money on your monthly energy bills.

Extended Roof life: Another great benefit of ridge ventilats is their ability to help extend the lifespan of your roof. By venting your attic, you can reduce moisture and heat damage to your roofing materials and shingles.

Improved Indoor Environment Quality: Ridge ventilators can also be used to improve indoor air quality. You can reduce the humidity in your attic and make it healthier.

Two main types of ridge ventilations are available: Continuous and baffle. Continuous ridge Vents are made out of one piece of material. However, baffle vents have an inner baffle that controls the flow of air.

Continuous ridge Vent: This is a continuous ridge vent that extends along the length and ridge of your roof. This vent is hidden beneath your roof shingles and isn't visible from the exterior of your home.

Baffle Ridge Valve: An internal baffle helps control the airflow. This vent is visible from the exterior of your home because it is located on top of your shingles.

Installing a Ridge Vent:

While installing a roof vent isn't difficult, it's important to be thorough.

  • Start by removing all shingles from the area that you plan to install the vent.
  • Install the continuous vent under the roofing shingles.
  • Finally, nail the shingles to their place.

FAQs: Ridge Vents

Question: How long will ridge vents work?

A: Ridge vents will last as long a roof.

Q: What are the pests of a ridge vent and how can I avoid them?

A: There is no reason to worry about pests when you have a roof vent. The ridge vents don't attract pests because they are attracted to heat and moisture.

Q: What benefits does a ridge vent offer?

A: A ridge vent has many benefits. It improves air circulation, reduces energy costs and extends roof life.


A ridge ventilation is an excellent way to increase air circulation in your house and extend the life span of your roof. For any questions on ridge vents, consult a professional.

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